Personalized Video Books

We are a team of grown-up kids that love a great story and are pretty good at animating things. So we've decided to create this digital storytelling platform, where we make personalized animated tales for your child or your friend's kid, or your neighbor's children, or... well, you got the idea. We'll help you create the best gift a child could wish for - their own tale!

Click On The Video Book You Would Like To Personalize

Why Choose Us?

Our primary purpose is to help your kid develop an unconditional love for reading books.

By turning your child into a hero of a story, you nurture their imagination and self-confidence, and you encourage them to become lifelong readers.

Your child will appreciate a little ad-free and educational screen time.

How We're Animating The Tales?

Once you place your order, our talented team will get to work. More precisely, they will customize the story's main character to match your child's physical appearance, like gender, eye and hair color, and of course, their name.

Everything will be perfectly tailored, the illustrations, the text displayed, and the narrator's voice-over.

For the title displayed when the tale starts, you can choose to show your kid's first name, or full name, for a fully personalized experience.

How Long Does It Take To Personalize A Tale?

Only... 48 hours! But here's what it takes:

  • Animations team that will customize the character;
  • The editors that will adjust the text displayed;
  • The narrator that will record your kid's name in the story;
  • And the sound engineer that smoothes and combines all the sounds.

So yeah, only two days, and it's Christmas again for your kid.

How Can You Access Your Tale?

We'll send you a link where you can download the story and watch it anytime, on any device: TV, laptop, tablet, phone, you name it. The video is in HD quality, and the audio is engineered to sound great on any device.

The animated tale file is yours FOREVER, and you can rewatch it with your little ones anywhere, anytime, as many times as you want, without any of those annoying ads, other channels branding, or external elements.